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Biospringer innovates on Food and Taste with Culinary Experts | FIE 2017

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What is yeast extract?

Yeast extract is a natural ingredient made from baker’s or brewer’s yeast – Watch our short video to learn more about what yeast extract is and how it is made.

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Yeast extract: from yeast to tasty food

Yeast extract comes from yeast and is therefore a natural ingredient. No synthetic or chemical ingredients are added during its production.

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Umami, the 5th taste

Have you ever heard about umami? Here, we take a look at this fifth taste, which is still largely unknown but often found in the dishes we consume on a daily basis.

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Is yeast extract safe?

Yes, Yeast extract is safe! – Meet Sarah Waybright, a dietitian and health coach. She did some personal research on yeast extract and shares her thoughts with us. – Sarah Waybright

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Biospringer corporate video

Discover our corporate video, which will bring you in the heart of our activities of yeast products.

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