Pronal™ brewer’s yeast extracts

2-xlOur Pronal™ base-notes line, with brewer’s and subtle savoury profiles, is ideal for providing bouillon, meaty, and mushroom notes to many food recipes. Naturally rich in amino acids, these brewer’s yeast extracts are excellent bases for meat, as well as dairy-based sauces.

The brewer’s yeast extracts of our Pronal™ line are:

  • Clean-label: no hidden ingredients
  • Clean-tasting: no off-notes
  • 100% natural: nothing artificial
  • 100% water-soluble: blends easily
  • Available in different forms: fine powder and some paste for some grades
  • Kosher, Halal and GMA safe certified: appropriate for a wide consumer base
  • GMO free and animal free: answer to consumer concerns

Salt content: varies from 0 to 40 percent
Label declaration: yeast extract (or natural flavouring, according to EU regulation 1334/2008/EC*)

* For other regions, please contact our offices closest to you.


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