Springalys® autolyzed dried yeasts


These very unique autolyzed yeasts still contain their yeast cell wall, making them efficient carriers for dry seasoning blends for snacks, breadings and coatings.

They have water-binding properties and good oil emulsifying characteristics, making them ideal for both meat and vegetarian foods.

These autolyzed yeasts are ingredients of choice for snack seasonings and offer delicate flavour of roasted, cereal and nutty notes.

The inactive dried yeast line is available in both baker’s and torula yeast (both as Springaline®).

Additionally Springalys® offer more Umami flavour than Springaline® yeast.


The inactive dried yeasts of our Springalys® line are:

  • Suitable for low sodium food formulations
  • Clean-label: no hidden ingredients
  • Clean-tasting: no off-notes
  • 100% natural: nothing artificial
  • Available in fine powder form
  • Kosher Parve, Halal, GMA safe, ISO 9001 certified: appropriate for a wide consumer base
  • GMO free, animal free, allergen free: answer to consumer concerns

Salt content: varies from 0 to 8 percent

Label declaration: dried autolyzed yeast, dried yeast or natural flavouring*

*Please check the prevailing legislation of your region by contacting our offices closest to you.


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