Springer® 2000 yeast extracts


Our Springer® 2000 baker’s yeast extracts provide an Umami or savoury taste, thanks to the naturally occurring nucleotides they contain. Umami is a Japanese term best translated as having a rounded mouthfeel or imparting a full-bodied perception of taste. These yeast extracts create bouillon and buttery notes and are ideal for masking off-notes, such as bitterness and acidic flavours.

These nucleotide-rich extracts work well on their own or in synergy with one of our Springer® yeast extracts.

The baker’s yeast extracts of our Springer® 2000 line are:

  • Ideal substitute for salt reduction
  • Clean-label: no hidden ingredients
  • Clean-tasting: no off-notes
  • 100% natural: nothing artificial
  • 100% water-soluble: blends easily
  • Available in different forms: fine powder, microgranulated, and some grades in paste form
  • Kosher Parve, Halal, GMA safe, ISO 9001 certified: appropriate for a wide consumer base
  • GMO free, animal free, allergen free: answer to consumer concerns

Salt content: varies from 0 to 40 percent
Natural nucleotide content: 2 to 20 percent
Label declaration: yeast extract (or natural flavouring, according to EU regulation 1334/2008/EC*)

* For other regions, please contact our offices closest to you.


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